Sudokshina has been performing in Kolkata & Various Places of India since last 15 Years. She had extensively toured in ENGLAND, FRANCE, GERMANY, ITALY, SWITZERLAND,  DENMARK and in some  Middle East Countries.


Indian Classical Music

Gifted with a sonorous and mellifluous voice Sudokshina specializes in Khayal style of Patiala gharana which highlights systematic badhat of Raga, intricate and graceful taans of full three octaves, smooth meends (glides) and well knit sargam patterns, artistically interwined with rhythmic designs. With her unique voice culture Sudokshina is proficient in presenting varieties of ragas with due justice. Apart from Khayal she also renders thumri, Dadra, Tarana, Tappa, Ghazal, Bhajan, Folk and modern songs with equal ease and dexterity. She gathered proficiency in the light classical genre under The guidance of Late Sri Sukumar Mitra.


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Sudokshina is also credited with an experientative outlook, which draws her towards fusion projects with jazz and western classical musicians from Germany and after countries. She has been successfully blending the classical and contemporary with bands like ‘Mito’, ‘Shanti collective’ and ‘Flames’.