Performance & Awards

Musica Sacra Fest in Germany

In the year 2014 Sudokshina participated in the Musica Sacra Fest in Germany, Holland and Belgium along with musicians of various countries and gave many a laudable performance Link of a performance of Musica Sacra.

Igenarten Festival Hamburg Germany

Performance in the year 2018 in Igenarten Festival Hamburg Germany with Vibrophonist Ralf Kamphuis, Kajone and Oud player Peter Kremer, Percussionist Subrata Manna.

Performance in ICCR

In the year 2019 performing for ICCR in a Project called 'Raga and Beyond' in Kolkata,along with Tabla exponent Subrata Manna,Ghatam exponent Somnath Roy and Sarod exponent Prosenjit Sengupta A perfect fusion of raga Kalavati and a Carribbean folktune


Mesmerizing Ghazal set to raga Mishra Kirwani

Virtual Concert

Virtual jamming of Four Faculty members of Shiksak Online platform.