Sudokshina has been performing in Kolkata & Various Places of India since last 15 Years. She had extensively toured in ENGLAND, FRANCE, GERMANY, ITALY, SWITZERLAND,  DENMARK and in some  Middle East Countries.



Apart from performing in various parts of India Sudokshina had extensively toured England, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark and other European countries and in Kuwait. She got the rare opportunity of giving lecture demostration for a research work of open University Milton Keynes,U.k and performing in the Tagore Auditorium of Indian Embassy of Berlin, as well as in Nehru Centre, the Indian Embassy auditorium of London.

Memorable Performances

Indian music and Dance society.Copenhagen,Denmark.
Indian film and music festival in Verona. Italy.
Weltnacht festival Bielefeld,Germany.
Asia Pacific festival in Berlin.
Indo-German Society,Bonn and Freiburg,Germany.
International festival of Martigny, Switzerland.

Sanskritiki Shreyeskar.Kolkata.India.
Nishagandhi, Kerala,India.
Khardha Music Conference.India.
Kathak Mahotsab Pune,India.
Radhakanta Nandi Memorial Concert.Kolkata,India.